Martingale Collars & Snap-Buckle Dog Collars That Celebrate Your Dog's Unique Spirit and Style

What is a Martingale Collar?

Martingale Collars, also known as Humane Choke Collars, Training Collars and Greyhound Collars, were originally designed for Sighthounds (ie. Greyhounds, Whippets, Galgos, IGs, etc.), whose necks are larger than their heads allowing them to easily "slip" or "back out of" traditional buckle and side-release dog collars. Martingale collars have a two-loop design. They are slipped directly over your dog's head and the leash is attached to the smaller loop which is engineered to tighten down the larger loop when more control is needed. This "humane squeezing down," non-gagging characteristic, is helpful when walking your dog - especially for those "Squirrel!" moments.

Dog trainers often recommend the Martingale Collar to their clients for the added benefit of control it provides as a training collar for all dog breeds, including: Boxers, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Terriers, Beagles, Spaniels, Bully Breeds, mutts and everything in between.

Martingale collars designed by the Regal Hound™ are the most unique, stylish, fashionable, and beautifully constructed martingale collars and snap-buckle dog collars around. Our martingale collar boutique has just what your pup is searching for.. and all with exceptional quality, love, and creativity sewn into every stitch.

Latest Martingale Collar Designs by The Regal Hound™

The dragon Rhaegel in red and gold flames brightly on black on this martingale dog collar The geometic, Native American pattern on this martingale collar earns its name: Sunrise Pine The Gillean martingale collar by The Regal Hound features a distinguished Celtic Design in balanced shades of green Dearg Celt, or Red Celt in Gaelic, scrolls this beautiful martingale collar by The Regal Hound Kenya - alternating animal patterns create an exotic design on this martingale collar by The Regal Hound Avalon's Renaissance-inspired golden design weaves through its magnificent emerald green base making for a truly regal martingale collar Madeleine Rose is even more lovely in person with its linear diamond shapes surrounded by lush scrollwork Madeleine Pourpre features a diamond design in a garlanded framework with shades of purple and lavender Silver Celtic Cross, a martingale or side-release buckle dog collar embossed with a Silver Celtic Cross, woven through black dressed with a emerald green satin lining

Who wants one of those boring big-box pet store collars, when you can have a beautiful hand-crafted collar made to order for your special canine friend by The Regal Hound™. There are just so many unique, stylish designs to choose from...

Molly wearing Floating Fans - Click to enlarge.
Molly's all curled up in her Floating Fans Martingale Collar.

Models wanted. Send us a picture of your dog wearing a Regal Hound™ collar and your canine friend could appear here.

All of our collars are available in both martingale and snap-buckle styles. We add new collars frequently, so come back and visit us often.

Red Regal Hound™ Designer Tags Are Here!

Look for our new, rich, red and white sewn-in cloth tags. The new tags help identify our collars to our customers and give them the "designer look" they deserve!

When you see the red Regal Hound™ tag, you can be assured your pet is wearing a designer collar of the highest quality by The Regal Hound™.

We custom design all of our Martingale and Snap-Buckle dog collars with the highest quality materials, incorporating many different themes and exceptional patterns. You are certain to find the perfect collar to match your pooch's personality. Whether you have a 5-pound Chihauhua or a 200-pound Mastiff, all breeds can look good and feel safe and stylin' in our designs. Does an elegant pattern suit your dog? Cute? Exotic? Trendy? Sporty? Wacky? Whimsical? We have "just what the canine ordered."

Take a look through The Regal Hound™ and let your imagination run wild... but don't take it too seriously... just have fun... we'll do the rest!

Martingale Collars and Snap-Release Collars Hand-Made in the United States

All of our collars are hand-made right here in the United States by The Regal Hound™. Our Collar Sizing FAQ can help you choose the collar size best suited for your pet.

We always choose the finest hardware for each collar based on the size ordered: heavier slides and D-rings for the larger breeds and lighter, more comfortable slides and D-rings for the smaller breeds. It seems fairly obvious, but for example, we would not use the same weight slides and D-rings on a 1-inch size Small, as we would for the same width collar in a Large or above. Little dogs don't need a millstone around their neck, but their larger brothers and sisters need the extra strength a heavier attachment will afford. It's just another thing we pay close attention to at The Regal Hound™.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Collars

For more answers to frequently asked questions, including:

please read our FAQ!

Have fun shopping The Regal Hound™ and let us know if you have a yen for a design we don’t carry.  We will do our best to find and create the perfect collar for you and your canine companion.          

Whether you're shopping for your own pet, a relative, or a friend’s pooch, have fun browsing through our generous selection of fun Martingale collars and traditional side-release buckle collars.

Seasonal and Holiday Collars Available All Year Round!

Our generous seasonal and holiday collar selections allow you to shop all year round, whether it be fall, winter, spring or summer. This is especially convenient for our customers who prefer to shop "off season" for gifts or that special pooch of their own.

The Regal Hound™ takes into consideration the variation in breed and owners' tastes when adding to our engaging collection of unique, stylish, fun, glamorous, sporty, and classic collar designs.

Have fun browsing our online dog collar store. Let us know if you have something in mind that you don't see on our site. We'll do our best to find and make what you're looking for!